We are an Australian supplier creating comfortable warm floors

We supply heating cables, thermostats, contactors and installation accessories for all your project needs

Choose from three installation types

If you're building a new home our heating cables are a great option to be installed before the concrete is poured

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New homes



Our cables are also suitable for your renovation needs as they can be laid on top of an existing floor before you floor coverings are laid

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In-screed/under-tile heating

These are our thinnest heating cables suitable for laying directly under your tiles in a cement based adhesive

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QuickNet under-tile heating

We also supply

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Installation accessories banner for tile

Installation accessories

Installation guide

Get started and learn how to choose your cable size for your new home or renovation project. 

Why electrical floor heating?

Comfort is everything, especially in the home. With electrical underfloor heating, you can offer a beautiful warm floor, hassle free.

Comfortable and Safe

There are no burning surfaces, smoke or fumes! Ideal for children, the elderly and people who suffer from respiratory difficulties or asthma

Low Maintenance

There are no moving parts that wear and tear, the system is completely silent

Energy efficient and cost saving

The temperature in each room or zone can be controlled by a separate thermostat so energy is never wasted

No building modifications are needed. We stock electric heating cables suited for in-slab or in-screed/under-tile installation

Simple installation

Underfloor heating can be installed under any floor coverings like tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet. It does not take up any space in your living area

Suited to all floor types

Floor Heating is completely silent. You can listen to music or have a conversation without the heater joining in. And most important, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep

Peaceful and silent

Industrial applications

We also supply Pyro MIMS, the ultimate fire survival MI wiring cable system for versatility and ultimate fire survival performance

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