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Application: The INSTAT+ clock floor sensing thermostat by Eberle has been designed for the convenient and energy-saving regulation of the temperature in individual rooms.The device combines high functionality with ease of operation.The compact white housing is characterized by a particularly large, easy-to-read display. With its softly curved lines it can be integrated into almost any interior space concept.

Supply voltage: 230V
Current: 16amp

Functions & settings:

  • Menu-driven operation using 4 buttons
  • Change 12 h or 24 h clock
  • Change the manual set point temperature
  • Change to another pre-set program
  • Change the number of program events per day
  • Switch on/off automatic daylight savings time/standard time change
  • Change temperature display
  • Restore the built-in time temperature programs
  • Display floor temperature as number
  • Direct or reverse action for heating/cooling
  • Frost protection
  • Proportional controller with PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • Self-learning heating curve (optimum start)
  • Restricted access for important settings
  • Switch off the thermostat


Temperature setting range: 10 to 40°C
Mounting: Wall mount, horizontal standard Australian mounting plate
Ingress protection: IP 30
Floor sensor cable: 4 metre cable included
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 137 x 96 x 31

Weight: ~ 350grams
English version

Eberle model: INSTAT+ 3F

Re-order code: 53730

Eberle INSTAT + 3F

SKU: 53730
  • Eberle is a leading European brand focused on the manufacturing of energy efficient residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning controls. Eberle, part of the Robertshaw controls, has over 85 years of experience and prides itself on reliability, quality, technical excellence and sustainable production with short delivery times.
    Made with German precision Eberle thermostats are optimised for energy efficiency and designed to enable simple installation and ease of use.

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