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Our range of modular contactors accommodate your heating load (kW) if your load is in excess of the thermostat rating.

These can also be used with smart systems.


Modular contactors

Silent hum-free

Original Eberle®

Made in


What is a modular contactor?

Contactors are used by electrical equipment that is frequently turned off and on through the opening and closing of the circuit. 
The purpose of the contactor is to electronically switch the load and power supply by repeatedly making and breaking the connection within the circuit. 

Eberle modular contactors are suitable for domestic household, industrial, commercial, or agricultural environments. Most often, modular contactors are used to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, motors and pumps.

Our Eberle modular contactors also support DIN mounting in switch boards making installation fast and simple. They also include a built-in protective circuit to protect against remote lightning strikes and voltage spikes.

Hum-free operation

Eberle electrical contactors take noise reduction to a new level. An innovative AC/DC feature eliminates any low continuous vibrating sounds (a hum or buzz tone) and offers peace of mind in noise-sensitive environments.

Made in Germany

Today, Eberle is one of the most outstanding traditional German brands and part of the internationally operating Schneider Electric Group. Eberle offers a variety of reliable, powerful and easy-to-use temperature controllers, climate controllers and switchgear.


The “Made in Germany” production is carried out at the site in Nuremberg on a production area of 8000 m². 

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