In-screed/undertile heating

Our in-screed heating cables are suitable for your renovation needs as they can be laid on top of an existing floor before your floor coverings are laid.

In-screed/undertile heating cables

If you are planning to renovate an existing floor, Pyrotenax Electric Storage Floor Heating is the most economical, luxurious and practical form of space heating you can buy. 

During renovation, electric heating cables are secured to the light gauge mesh prior to the screed being laid. These cables heat the floor during regulated heating periods. 

How to install

Unlike traditional heating systems there are no ducts, fans, consoles or vents required. This frees up your wall and floor space giving you the freedom to decorate your interior without interferences.

Discuss it at your initial planning stage with your architect, builder or specialist heating installer.


Measure your heating area

Using the examples below, measure the floor area you need to heat. 

Note: do not calculate permanent fixtures (wardrobes and benches) as heating areas.

Heating area

Living room example A

Heating area = 5.0m x 5.8m

                        = 29.0m²

Example A selection

Bedroom example B

Room area = 4.0m x 3.5m

                    = 14m²

Area of fixtures = 2m²


Heating area = 14m² - 2m²

                       = 12.0m²

Example B selection

Bathroom, toilet, laundry, hallway example C

Room area = 4.4m x 5.0m

                    = 22m²

Area of fixtures = 6.5m²
(bath, shower, toilet, bench)


Heating area = 22m² - 6.5m²

                       = 15.5m²

Example C selection

Cable sizes

Which heating cable size do I need?

After measuring your desired heating area, refer to the table to locate your suitable product (unit).


Floor coverings

Most types of floor coverings can be used, for example carpets (wool or synthetic), vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles and slate.

Bitumen backed carpet tiles are not suitable. 

Cork tile and parquetry must be laid on a dry floor. In other words, this must be laid after initial use of the heating system to evaporate the moisture remaining in the concrete floor.

Depending on the type of tile, a waterproof adhesive (such as a two-part latex adhesive) or mortar-bed fixing system must be used. Some adhesives (particularly the water based latex adhesives) will deteriorate and soften at temperatures above 40°C. The adhesive chosen should be capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 60°C without a loss of bond strength. 


Ceramic tiles



Laminate flooring

Marble flooring

Quartzite floor tiles


Stone tiles

Terracotta tiles

Travertine tiles

Vinyl flooring


Gentle background warmth

The heat stored inside the floor is emitted from the whole surface area, giving an almost even air temperature from floor to ceiling. Warmth is produced where it is required most, underfoot, and then radiates throughout the area. 

CSIRO tests show that where floor level temperatures are around 16°C people feel comfortably warm all over. When floor level temperatures are lower, people feel cold even if the temperature at head level is over 21°C. 

Pyrotenax Electric Storage Floor Heating is the energy - efficient way to provide a constantly comfortable room temperature. 


Health and safety

The system is free from dirt, smoke or fumes. Any dust movement is minimal, so the system is ideal for people who suffer from respiratory difficulties such as asthma.


The system is safe for all family members as there are no burning surfaces

Burning surfaces

 Some other heating systems present hazards for children, the elderly or pets

Safety first

The system is securely encased in the floor and operates in silence

Economical and Energy efficient

Heat input to the floor is controlled by wall-mounted or in floor thermostats. Heating in each room or zone is controlled by a separate thermostat, so energy need never be wasted. 

The system takes advantage of low-cost off-peak electricity or time of use tariff available in most areas. When normal rate electricity is being used the system can be regulated by a time clock. Check with your local electricity authority regarding off-peak power availability in your area. 

The floor stores enough heat during the off-peak charge period to maintain a comfortable temperature for the full 24 hours. Heat storage is topped up again during the next heating period.

Screed heating cable

Screed heating cable

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