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Application: The nVent RAYCHEM NRG-DM thermostat is a smart electronic thermostat designed for electrical underfloor heating. It is designed to control your under floorheating to give you the best possible comfort atthe lowest possible energy consumption. The NRG-DM isequipped with an ambient sensor and a floor sensor andis thus capable of monitoring and controlling your floorheating cables in 4 different modes (Room sensing mode /Floor sensing mode / Room sensing mode with floorlimiter / No sensor mode) depending on your needs.

Supply voltage: 240V
Current: 13amp

  • Mains on/off

Temperature range: 0 to 40°C
Mounting: Wall flush mount (Fits Australian back plate with adapter plate. Adaptor plates purchased separately – code: NRG ADP)
Ingress protection: IP 21
Floor sensor cable: 3 metre cable included
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 84 x 84 x 40

Raychem model: NRG DM

Re-order code: NRG DM

Raychem NRG DM

  • Raychem digital thermostats combine unique features with a big LCD display and simple operation. Raychem underfloor heating systems are designed to minimise electricity costs. For best results, use with our product range Raychem T2 QuickNet, the thin, self-adhesive heating mat solution.

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